Date: 2011-09-03 08:59 pm (UTC)
OMG Mon! Where do I begin? She had the most awesome, accidental timing ever with her return to the game. Vanessa had been sort of mopey without her BFF and I had missed her like mad. Mon's a bit crazy, but in a great way that makes you smile. She throws out things like "Vanessa will come home to find her apartment covered in plushie goats" and you only need to grin a little before she's convinced to do it. She will run with crack and turn it into a legitimate character choice just for the fun of playing with whatever weird thing she's come up with.

Mon is such a bright, funny, energetic, receptive person. She gives back to you when you write with her and gives you so much to work with. She'll help bounce ideas around and do everything she can to help someone accomplish something they need in a plot or a log. She's a great writer and a really, truly fantastic individual & friend.

I love Adri's penchant for rambling internal monologue because it just feels so true to her character. And her friendship with Vanessa is absolutely irreplaceable. Trust me, I tried to replace it. It didn't work at all. Adri is very much Vanessa's other half, which is impressive considering how much they didn't get along at all when they first met. But, like Mon, Adri is sort of infectiously likable.
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