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It's been a while since we last did one of these, and we have more than a few new people making their mark on the game plus American Thanksgiving coming up, so, here we go, the Love/Feedback Meme, Mark II.

The concept's pretty simple. There's a comment below for every player in XP, with a note as to who they play. Want to leave some feedback? Just comment to the comment. Want to leave feedback to the game overall, or something for one of our dearly departed players? Comment to this post. And because last time the thread got huge, Nute and I have pre-emptively added links to each person's thread as part of their player page on the Wiki, so if you're having trouble loading pages due to the size of the thread, go via the Wiki and get a shortcut straight to the player you want. :)

Edit: Don't forget the players on page 2! They need love too!


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