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Aug 30: Doug and Adrienne discuss baseball and the Hellfire Club over drinks. 

Aug 31: Sam Guthrie posts about his return to the mansion. Nico announces she's going to try and find a Get Rich Quick spell. Amanda makes a post wishing John a happy birthday. Christian's Angels: The new motley crew of X-Men, X-Force, a SHIELD agent and Knightwing Restorations infiltrate a party in search of information. 

Sept 2: Jan comments on how weird it is not going back to college for classes, but being the one to teach classes. Christian's Angels: Garrison and some of his team use the information they found to set up a meeting with Sublime, with the rest of them left to ambush Sublime's ambush team, Garrison is able to get a limited amount of information about what happened to the members of Alpha Flight before Sublime leaves. 

Sept 3: Wade posts about bison. Amanda and Matt meet at the mansion BBQ and talk addiction. Matt posts about his summer school grades and new timetable. Amanda and Nico talk about what Amanda really does for a job. Callie and Sarah makes plans to hang out, with Callie oblivious to Sarah's awkwardness. Sarah and Yvette later have a heart-to-heart about... well. Matters of the heart. 

Sept 4: Laurie posts about not having time to do ALL THE THINGS, as she has had to drop a subject at college. An elderly lady shows up in the XFI office looking for her grandson, who turns out to be Bishop, surprising both Warren and 'Riley'.  Wade texts Marie-Ange about lasagna. 

Sept 5: Doug posts Google's logo commemorating Freddie Mercury's birthday. Sam posts about going on a burger run. 


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